We invest in responsible, hardworking individuals.  RRJA Security and Investigations Agency is an equal opportunity employer and offers the best security training in the industry. We consider all applicants without regard to race, color, gender, religion, or any other legal protected status.  If you are interested in a career in security and want to improve your job skills, apply online today.

RRJA SECURITY & INVESTIGATION AGENCY implements stringent screening procedures of its personnel and guards. The following are required of our applicants before entry to our agency:

201 File Checklist


  1. Police Clearance
  2. NBI Clearance
  3. RTC Clearance
  4. Prosecutor’s Clearance
  5. Mayor’s Clearance
  6. Barangay Clearance
  7. RIID Clearance
  1. Social Security System ID
  2. SBR/License Card
  3. SAGSD (In-service Training Exam)
  4. Closing Report
  5. Neuro-Psychiatric Clearance
  6. Drug Test Clearance


  1. High School Diploma
  2. College Diploma
  3. Transcript of Records
  1. Training Certificate
  2. Re-Training Certificate
  3. Others (as may be required)

Character investigation and background check are also conducted to ascertain honesty, integrity and efficiency in their performance.   Prior to posting, our guards undergo briefing and trainings that includes the following:

  • Courtesy and Discipline
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Theft and Robbery Prevention
  • Arrest and Seizure
  • Physical Security and Survey Hazards
  • Personnel and Property Controls
  • Armed and Unarmed Self Defense Tactics
  • Public Relation
  • Logbook Recording and Report Writing
  • Mall Security and Safety Management
  • Basic Intelligence and Investigation
  • Vehicle and Traffic Control
  • VIP Close In Security Protection
  • Marksmanship Training
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Our Mission

To protect life and property of our clients with utmost sincerity, honesty and integrity.

Our Vision

A peaceful, well protected and satisfied community of clients.